Business Service Plan

Business Plan:

  • Long distance solution that is right for your business size, locations, coverage needs and calling patterns.
  • No Commitments.
  • No monthly minimum.
  • No monthly fee with eBilling.
  • Enjoy Low rates on your International calls with the highest quality.
  • Domestic and International rates are the same 24/7.

  • Domestic Long Distance at 3¢.

  • Save more with 18 second initial and 6 seconds standard billing increments (18/6).
  • International calls are billed 1 minute increments.
  • Customers do not have to change their local carrier.
  • Customers will recieve a detailed monthly invoice.
  • Online billing and payment required using My Account; Auto-pay optional.
  • For more information please contact customer service at 888-818-9000.

  • You can also get toll free service with your own toll free number. If you already have a toll free number with another carrier you can move it to NET.

    How does it work? It's simple, we give you your own toll free number (800 888 877 or 866) and when someone dials it you pay for the call, it can ring to your home phone number, or in fact to any phone you choose. You do not need to have an extra phone line put in to have your own toll free number.

    If you already have an 800 number, fill a Resp Org form HERE
    You MUST fax us a copy of your phone bill which lists the toll free number you are moving to NET, along with the Resp Org form. Please email the form to
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    One convenient bill for all your calls.

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