Is my information safe?

Your information is confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party without your permission. All credit card information is encrypted for optimum security.

Can I sign up with multiple numbers?

Absolutely. You can enroll as many phone numbers as you like.

How long before my service is activated?

In most cases, your service will be activated within within a few days. Service activation is dependent on your Local Exchange Carrier (LEC). Activation times can vary in each calling area.

How do your long distance rates differ from other companies?

NET Long Distance rates are as much as 70% lower than our competitors. For more details, see our rates comparison.

Can I use your service for international calls?

Absolutely. We have some of the most competitive international rates in the nation and reach all countries.

Is there a minimum usage requirement?

The long distance programs marketed by NET do not require a minimum spending commitment.

Do I keep my local telephone company?

NET is a long distance provider, and only cares for your long distance telephone calls without installing any equipment in your home or office. This is why you have to keep your current local telephone company which provides your physical telephone lines, phone numbers and your local calls, and you will continue to pay your monthly service fee to your local phone company for that service. In the event that you change to a different local phone company after subscribing to telna, please contact our customer service in order for us to switch your new phone line(s) to telna with your new telephone company.

What is a ''PIC Freeze''?

A ''PIC Freeze'' is a block your local phone company puts on your line, per your request, which protects you from being switched ("slammed") to another long distance carrier without your consent. Please call our Customer Service Dept at 1 888 979 3155 for further instructions.

What is slamming?

This is when a long distance company changes you to their long distance plan without your knowledge. NET will never switch your long distance without obtaining your permission.

What fees will be included in my phone bill?

It is not possible to give a specific percentage of your bill that will represent taxes and/or fees as they vary widely from state to state and even city to city. You can expect a USF (Universal Service Fund-Required by the FCC) charge, federal and state taxes, local and municipal taxes that vary by state. Regulatory Fees: These include PICC taxes and the Telecommunication Infra Structure Fee. Late fees may be charged where applicable. All fees are based on usage with the exception of PICC fees, Toll Free fees, and late fees.

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